Writing with impact: how to organise your writing?

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Alex Townley, trainer and, gives you key tips on how to write a lot of report quickly to your hierarchy.


How to organise your writing?


In this video, Alex Townley, coach and trainer, gives you key tips on how to write with impact.


Asking the right questions

The what and its characteristics.

    • Is it a report?
    • Is it part and links to other reports?


The who and its characteristics :

    • Can you understand your readership?
    • What are they needs?
    • What do they already know ?





In Summary

The trees and the forest. What is the nature of the work?


What? Who? Why? Where? When? How?


Who is Alex?

Alex Townley is one of our key trainer at AIM & Associés. He delivers Writing with Impact at the European school of administration. He can help you organise your writing when you are under stress, in order to report back to the hierarchy in a more efficient way.