Why is Facing Change so Important?

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Sabine Finzi tackles why Facing Change is so important for personal development and how training may help you overcome obstacles and increase resilience.

Life has a habit of constantly throwing new things and challenges our way. We find ourselves constantly facing a constant stream of changes. These might include changes of management, colleagues or even a completely new job environment. Navigating this state of constant flux can be a tough challenge. Being able to face change, as well as being able to put change into perspective can help you to tackle these changes with ease and open new avenues of personal development.



Over time we gather a surprising amount of set routines, habits, and values. Some of these habits might have even stuck around for long enough for us to no longer be actively conscious of them. You will learn to identify these habits and to detach yourself from unhelpful ones. Embracing all of these changes, without seeing yourself as a victim of them can greatly help you to accelerate your personal development.




Who is Sabine?

Sabine Finzi is one of our key trainers at AIM & Associés, she is passionate systemic coaching. She delivers Facing Change and Facing Change in Challenging Times at the European School of Administration, as well as Innovation: From creativity to reality for the European Institutions, agencies and bodies.