What are the dimensions of a negotiation?

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There are many dimensions to a negotiation. Serge Wynen gets you to prepare for a day-to-day negotiation.

There are many dimensions to a negotiation. Becoming aware of these dimensions and mastering a toolbox of micro-skills can greatly help you to navigate the day-to-day challenges you will encounter in a professional environment. Having a greater awareness of these dimensions, as well as of yourself and of the challenges you may face will enable you to choose between many different approaches and options more freely.



Besides awareness, several other dimensions deserve some further attention. Confidence for example is also a crucial key element in navigation day-to-day negotiations. Being able to confidently assess a situation and make decisions on the most favourable course of action is key to tackling issues. This even holds true when these issues might arrive completely out of the blue, and an ad hoc action is required.


Finally, besides confidence on your own side, it is also crucial to be able to inspire confidence in your negotiation partners: creating a mutual ambiance of confidence is much more beneficial to all involved than fostering an air of manipulation. Being aware of all of these dimensions and getting the chance to work on them should greatly help you to structure your actions and to enable you to further your development.



Inspire confidence in your negotiation partners.



Who is Serge?

Serge Wynen is one of our key trainer and coach at AIM & Associés, he is passionate about fostering awareness, learning and confidence. He delivers Day-to-day Negotiation at the European School of Administration.