Surviving and Thriving in your Multicultural Workplace

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Daniel Haeberlé presents a conference about how to operate effectively in a multicultural workplace.

This conference weaves together elements of philosophy, psychology, and metaphysics to examine how humans function as creative meaning-makers, and how we learn, grow and evolve. It looks at how the different “others” in a multicultural workplace that annoy us can be either the path to life-long learning, or a shortcut to frustration. Themes raised include intelligence as an obstacle to wisdom, chaos and order, being and doing, awareness, and personal integrity.


You will leave with a greater ability to choose and apply the types of self-reflectiveness and relational strategies that offer a rewarding way forward. You might even acquire an appreciation for the colleagues that frustrate you most!



Who is Daniel?

Daniel Haeberlé is a personal, professional and organisational development consultant, and facilitator. He holds a Bachelors of Applied Sciences (Aeronautical Engineering) and a Masters of Business Administration, but his self-directed learning has proven more useful. He has been providing professional and organisational development services to multinational and supra-national organisations for 30 years. His work with the EU Institutions began in 2000 as Founding Partner of AIM & Associés.


As a young man, Daniel found most approaches to intercultural communication to be useless in helping him deal with both sustained intercultural collaboration and his own Canadian-French biculturality. He decided to try to do something about that. Many years and much research later, Daniel’s work is about supporting transformational learning through the development of the capacity for presence and self-reflection.



Interested in your own conference?

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