Personal Effectiveness: where to start when there is too much?

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Katie Challans, trainer and, gives you key tips on personal effectiveness, efficiency & well being at work (video).


A step by step approach

Maybe you could first, take a deep breathe, bring yourself a cup of water or coffee and remind to yourself : Don’t Panic! Panicking will raise your stress level and won’t do you any good to you efficiency – you won’t be able to sit at all.


Then, can you record anything you need to do? Yes, even the smallest stuff, anything that pops into your mind really. At the beginning it might feel like there is still too much.


Now, next to it, can you write: why you need to do it? Maybe it is for your boss, maybe it is part of a bigger project…


You could ask yourself: are some of the tasks part of a mini-project? Are some tasks using the same software? If so, you could regroup them and do them together to be more efficient.


Finally, write down: when do they need to be done? You can not do everything today. One advice for personal effectiveness is to be honest with yourself  and be honest with other people as well: Yes I can, and … this is when ….






In Summary

For your personal Effectiveness: where to start when there is too much?  The previous steps will give you an effective “To Do List” and an effective “To Do Later List“.


Don’t spend time panicking,

spend time planning ;)!


Who is Katie?

Katie Challans is one of our key trainer at AIM & Associés. She delivers Personal Effectiveness course at the European school of administration. She can help you master your day as well as your outlook ;).