Our shiny new website and offer are live!

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“We could redo that one website page to create some kind of Learning Catalogue?”


…That was the beginning of a new way of thinking. Thinking about of the new offer we could present to you, head of unit, HR manager, or participant on the path of personal and organisational development.

Wait, why only the training course? What about or Conferences and Serious Games? How do we want to show new developments and share more? Who are we? What color pattern represents us? Is it really possible/necessary to formulate the company’s value in 3 words? Do we really need all this? Are we too far?



Little did we know that one page issue would take us not only to rethink our whole website but to actually think about our organisations, the solutions we believe in, our wish for the future and certainly more than ever: the user we serve. The participants, the Human Ressources, the Head of Units and Delegations – Who are they and what do they want?


We could not have done it without them.

From the beginning to the end, we could count on the participants and clients to guide us through a sound process for these new website and offer, but not only. This new shiny digital creation would not have seen the light of your bright screen without the precious help and guidance of several human beings.


The whole AIM & Associés Management Team gathered their force of course to not succumb to a hive attack each time they heard the word “marketing”. They could count on the precious consultancy and guidance of James Anderson Team at Anderson sprl.


The team listened understood our needs a gave great guidance all the way from the definition of our users and audience to the strategic choice to make when it comes to presenting our offer.


This brings a whole new offer to you.

This new websites allows you to see our offer more clearly.



Take a tour!