Online and face-to-face training courses across Europe and the world, adapted to your professional context.
Traditional, blended or flipped: discover below what AIM's expertise is made of.


Designed and adjusted to everyone's needs

Current content aligned with current methods

Repetitive exposure to maximise learning

Topic Variation

The range of topics we tackle in training is limitless. Here are some examples.

Career Management
How to navigate through professional changes.
Facing Changes, Intercultural Competence Building, Analysing and Solving Problems...
Effective Communication
How to better listen, understand and express.
Active Listening, Productive Meetings, Writing with Impact...
Organisational Development
How to improve the working environment with a systemic approach.
Day-to-Day Negotiation, Innovation - from Creativity to Reality, Understanding Organisational Cultures in the EU...
Personal Competencies
How to develop key professional skills.
Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Personal Effectiveness...
Team Work
How to be inclusive and collaborate at work.
Working in Teams, Oral Communication, Human Relations in a Multicultural Environment...
Wellbeing at Work
How to build resilience: stay balanced, mentally, physically and emotionally.
Overwhelmed working at home?, Create your own Wellbeing, Developing your Resilience...

The training process

While the topics are limitless, the process of training will always include the following steps.

Our Foundations

AIM training courses are built on strong foundations.

Skills for everyone.

Our packages of short training courses cover a large array of competencies that allow any stakeholder and employee, regardless of categories or functions, to accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively.


We adapt our offer to your need.

We adapt our training courses to your context or we design tailor made training courses for your particular professional environment.
Depending on your needs, you may:

    • Order pre-existing courses in their standard format.
    • Ask for an adaptation of a pre-existing course in order to meet all your needs and expectations.
    • Propose a new topic. We will design it in partnership with you.


Ebooks as Current Method and Current Content.

Ebooks are online interactive manuals. Participants may consider relevant topics before a training course and access the information again afterwards. Each ebook corresponds to a specific training course and is also cross-linked with other courses.


Every ebook includes theoretical and practical content (e.g., book references, video clips, hands-on exercises, self-reflection activities, etc.). We support your learning by creating and publishing ebooks (already created or designed on demand).


Repetitive exposure promotes learning, transfer and change. Ebook content is current and updated regularly and supports self-directed and spontaneous learning. This IT solution enhances (formal and informal) learning, facilitating the dynamics of exchange and autonomous research. As such, they are accessible to curious and innovative learners, not to mention those seeking support. The ebooks are accessible on any device (“learning-on-the-go”) and are EMAS compliant.



Handy pre- and post- seminar activities.

AIM offers a variety of pre- and post-seminar activities depending on the needs of the contracting authority. They are considered to be an intrinsic element, designed for easy integration into training courses. As such, they remain optional and need to be agreed upon when ordering.


Examples of pre- and post-seminar activities include: self-reflective exercises, questionnaires, suggested readings or videos, online or on-site interviews, self-assessment exercises, presentation preparation, pre-alignment with the manager, creation of peer groups or communities of practices, individual or group follow-up sessions, online satisfaction surveys, individual action plans, recommendations for a personalised learning path, or individual coaching.


Do you need more?

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