The objective of the consultancy is to support organisation's project in the long-term.
Each intervention is modelled on a case-by-case basis.


Analysing processes through applied systemics

Discerning interpersonal and individual dynamics

Co-designing compelling solutions

Topic Variation

Consultancy work is multi-faceted.

Make every stakeholder an actor of change within and outside the institutions.
Address the information process and the collaboration process distinctly and jointly.
Help teams to find new solutions, even to innovate.
Define the next stages of learning to carry out individually or in groups.
Define the next stage of developments to carry out individually or in groups.
Manage and transform a crisis situation by defusing the causes.

The consultancy process

While the topics are limitless, the consultancy process will always include the following steps.

Our Foundations

AIM Consulting is built on strong foundations.

A multidimensional and multilevel intervention.

The consultants analyse issues in their social, legal, financial and ethical dimensions. Their proposals ensure that they are in line with the group’s human resources strategy. Consultants intervene at all levels of the hierarchy and in all institutions.


Consultants with a defining feature.

The team’s consultants have an in-depth knowledge of human dynamics as well as two key competencies: curiosity and systemic vision. The consultant intervenes by means of strategies, methods and tools, proceeding in rigorous stages, while constantly adapting.


Organisations as dynamic bodies.

The content of the interventions is modeled on a case-by-case basis, as are the specific applications implemented during the process. The objective of the consultancy is to support the organisation’s project over the long term.


The consultants are trained in collective intelligence practises and can thereby enable the emergence of questions, choices and decisions in work groups. They also highlight interpersonal processes and dynamics.


Codesigning solutions.

AIM’s stance of the consultant is to refuse ready-made solutions, but to listen and co-design solutions with stakeholders.


The consultant’s objective is first to have a clear understanding and definition of the situation. These must be understandable, meaningful and shared by the client. A relationship of trust is essential for the support to work.


Consulting for the Key Skills Contract.

Within the particular framework of the Key Skills Contract, AIM’s consulting work consists of offering a wide variety of learning solutions to the HR departments and EU staff.


Consulting work are delivered on-site to the European school of administration (EUSA), at EU institution offices in Brussels and Luxembourg as well as through video-call.


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