In an era of on-demand content, conferences meet large audience expectations. Expert speakers make the difference by translating their knowledge to the institutional workplaces.


Experts' state of work,
next steps,
results & outcomes

with inspiring content in a participatory way

to the European Institutions' contexts

Topic Variation

The range of topics we tackle in conferences is limitless. Here are some examples.

How to develop cross-cultural competencies to overcome misunderstandings & conflicts.
(Daniel Haeberlé)
Innovation. Now. How to increase creativity by prototyping and daring to fail.
(Nicolas Roland)
Define it better to prevent it better. How we talk about ourselves defines who and how we are.
(Bruno Humbeeck)
Unconscious bias, limiting beliefs and challenging democracy.
(Sabine Finzi & Iulia Grosman)
Physiological facts, psychological trends, how to reload your batteries in such a challenging life.
(Patricia Soler)
The power of visual content, its effect on processing, memorisation and engagement.
(Sara Pieters)

The conference process

While the topics are limitless, the interactive conference will always ensure the following steps.

Our Foundations

AIM conferences are built on strong foundations.

Field experts sharing up-to-date content.

Conference attendees have high expectations in an era of on-demand content. AIM has a large network of specialists interested in sharing their knowledge. Conferences always tackle the background and the technical aspects of the matter, while making sure to also relate to relational and personal potential enquiries.


Adaptable talk ensures the translation of abstract topics into concrete applications in the workplace.

Before any conference for the institutions or public and private companies, AIM informs the speaker about the context of the audience. The gap between the audience needs and the talk is therefore minimised and the participants may develop deeper insights.



Storytelling is an art, the cocreation between a speaker and an audience.

Speaking in public is a true competence. The experts combine various speaking skills; stories, examples, visuals, statistics,… Some conferences are delivered in both English and French.



Discussion Panels and Q&A broaden perspectives.

Discussion panels enrich the audience’s experience thanks to a moderator. Q&A sessions allow participants to ask for the expert specific advice on an issue.



Conferences for the Key Skills Contract.

Within the particular framework of the Key Skills Contract, AIM’s mission consists of offering a wide variety of conferences for EU Staff 6 times per year. The themes are linked to the EPSO competencies and training. The conferences are referenced in EULearn and delivered in Brussels at the EUSA (European School of Administration).



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