Coaching is a relational discipline that aims to accompany the person, the team or the organisation in their evolution from the identification of the need to its resolution.

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Personalised support in content and format

From identifying needs
to follow-up

Precise methods for unique needs

Coaching Topics

The range of topics we tackle in individual coaching is limitless. Here are some examples.

There is no one solution for all. This coaching insure solutions for your needs.
Expert advice for individual situations. A support and tools for better life.
Physical, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing at the heart of any resilient individual.
Individual facing change in an organisation. From letting go to starting new.
The ‘relaxed me’ and the ‘me at work’ should not be so far apart.
Having a great project that makes the difference necessitates a supporting network.

The coaching process

While the topics are limitless, the individual coaching process will always include the following steps.

Our Foundations

AIM individual coaching is built on strong foundations.

Coaching is a discipline.

The discipline of helping a person or a group to bring out and develop their professional, relational and personal potential in their project realisation and to find their rightful place in the relationship they have with themselves, others and their environment.


The coachee benefits from a personalised support both in substance and form.

Individual coaching always follows a clear process: identification of the needs of the coachee, co-construction of an action plan, proposal of tools, supervision, follow-up and evaluation of the intervention.


The coach follows a precise technique.

Co-contracted with the coachee, the coach asks open questions and thus helps the coachee to determine his/her objectives and the means to reach them. He/She works on the limiting beliefs of the coachee, is interested in the metaphors used, listens to obstacles and supports in finding solutions.


The coaching content is confidential.

Everything that is shared during the coaching time is confidential. AIM coaches won’t have any contact with the coachee’s line of management.


The coaches are certified or have an equivalent level of experience.

AIM coaches are required to be supervised on a regular basis. Depending on their training, coaches have different tools at their disposal; MBTI, transactional analysis, systemic analysis, well-being techniques…


All AIM Team coaches are all particularly well-acquainted with the target group and with the issues at stake for the staff of the European Institutions.


The coaches are aware of their role and their limits.

In case of situations exceeding their role or competence, the coach will inform the coachee of his/her limit and will support by searching for further help.


Coaching sessions for the Key Skills Contract.

Within the particular framework of the Key Skills Contract, AIM‘s coaching mission consists of a guidance session which follows the following courses: Developing your Resilience, Facing Change, Personal Effectiveness, Developing your Resilience Online, Facing Change in Times of Crisis, Personal Effectiveness in Teleworking.


The session takes place either online, in the participants’ offices or in the coaching room of the EUSA (European School of Administration). This session can be followed by a deepening if requested by the coachee.


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