How identifying your own values may help develop your resilience?

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Heather Nehring tackles how work can be a complex and occasionally frustrating affair… an opportunity to develop your resilience.

Work can be a complex and occasionally frustrating affair, an opportunity to develop your resilience. Just the thought of this can be a rather stressful event. Though it is worth noting that work itself is unlikely to become less complex itself, there are still plenty of things you can do to feel better prepared and more confident about it. Identifying and remaining loyal to the values that guide you in life is a key aspect of this.



Regardless of how crucial and impactful these values are to us we still rarely examine them or actively apply them to situations occurring in our daily work life. Becoming better aware of our values and viewing day to day situations through their lens can help us use them more effectively as guides in our lives. It also helps us to better identify sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction in our daily lives. In that way, they can aid us in becoming more satisfied at work.



Who is Heather?

Heather Nehring is one of our key trainers at AIM & Associés. She delivers the Developing your Resilience at the European School of Administration, as well as many its online version. She facilitates the training course Handling Difficult Situations for the European Institutions, agencies and bodies.