How to Improve your Public Speaking?

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Jean-François Abeloos presents how interpersonal communication and public speaking skills are the key elements to improve your oral communication.

Many people have a great fear of public speaking. Having a safe environment in which to practice and learn from and together with your peers can greatly help you to improve your ability to speak in practice. Public speaking is best not viewed in isolation. By receiving feedback you can become aware of what you are already doing well and get rewarded for continuing to do it. The setting of interpersonal communication also allows you to gain a great amount of ideas for improving yourself, followed up by plenty of immediate chances to work on those improvement points.




Self-confidence can often be key in delivering a good performance in public speaking. Having the gusto to keep active eye contact, thus remaining in touch with your audience, can greatly increase the impact of an act of public speaking. Simultaneously you will get the chance to practice your verbal skills, your tone of voice and pacing, as well as effective use of body language. Other focus points include making sure your words are effectively structured as well as the often forgotten, but nonetheless crucial emotional content of your message. Practicing a great deal in a highly interpersonal setting therefore greatly helps you to accelerate your growth as a public speaker.


Who is Jean-François?

Jean-François Abeloos is one of our key trainers at AIM & Associés, he is passionate about Emotional Intelligence. He delivers Oral Communication and Oral Communication while Teleworking at the European School of Administration, as well as Conflict Resolution for the European Institutions, agencies and bodies.