Key Skills Contract


The framework contract EUSA Key Skills (N° EPSO/EUSA/PO/2016/01), focuses on the “implementation of training actions which aim at developing general competencies of the employees of the European Institutions” (see page 1).

It is inter-institutional, which means that you can contract directly with AIM. (I.13.1, page 13)

 This four-year contract started on 16 February 2017. (page 16)

It covers the development of all the general competencies for the employees of the European Union institutions, agencies, offices, etc.

It focuses on several learning methods and offers custom-designed possibilities (instructor-led or e-learning courses, coaching, training events, team-building, etc.).

The learning opportunities are manifold. Our methods as well.

Move the mouse over the images below to get acquainted with our learning methods:

An infinite number of combinations of learning methods exist, including, for example, individual work, classroom training, coaching and team learning.

Our packages of short training courses cover a large array of competencies that allow any actor, regardless of category or function, to accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively. We adapt our training courses to your context or we design “tailor-made” training for your particular professional environment.

Depending on your needs, you may: :

  • Order pre-existing courses in their standard format.
  • Ask for an adaptation of a pre-existing course in order to meet all your needs and expectations.
  • Propose a new topic. We will design it in partnership with you.