AIM is a team of trainers that has been working for more than 15 years with the European Institutions, Agencies and Delegations.

We have been training newcomers in the European Institutions, managers, ASTs, mentors, policy officers, chief executives, nurses, architects, attorneys…

AIM designs, organises and conducts training courses, coaching sessions, conferences and events for the European Institutions, national public administrations and private companies.

  • AIM is a team of trainers, consultants and coaches specialised in individual and team guidance. We are EXPERTS in consulting and training. We favour personalised contact with our clients. We meet actors in the field, listen and design tailor-made learning tools.
  • We take special care that our interventions “are MEANINGFUL”. Were their previous attempts to find solutions? Are the aims of the training course geared at different levels? We find the most suited learning solution for each particular circumstance.
  • We use a SYSTEMIC APPROACH. We know complex systems, diversity of stakeholders, the stakes themselves, and the political impact on organisations.
  • We support your learning by creating and publishing ebooks. The ebooks are complementary to our training courses. In these ebooks you will find content on our main training topics as well as videos, bibliographical resources, exercises and self-assessment tests. By working with them, the learning experience becomes immersive and interactive.
  • AIM explores, among other things, resilience, change, communication, negotiation, mentoring, self-efficiency, critical thinking, learning to learn… for both individuals and teams.

Our Main Clients

The European Institutions


European Agencies  | European Delegations

Our Previous Contracts

  • 4 years contract (2012-2016): 2565 training days , 3500 participants per year Key Skills: Interinstitutional Courses
  • 4 years contract (2011-2015): 122 training days , 2420 participants “Management trainings for future Managers and Team Leaders”
  • 4 years contract (2010-2014): 895 training days, 4356 participants“Working for the EU : Challenges and Realities”
  • 5 years contract (2006-2012): 542 training days,  3187participants  “Key Skills – Lot 1” 
  • 4 years contract (2007-2012): 1786 days, 13776 participants – “Induction Training”, “Mentoring”, “Training for Trainers” and “Human Relations in a multicultural Environment” 
  • 2 years contract (2004-2006): 612 days, 6314 participants – “Interinstitutional Training for the Newcomers” 
  • 5 years contract (2001-2006): 1324 days, 11584 participants – “Induction Training”
  • 5 years contract (2000-2005): 224 days, 1456 participants – “Human Relations in a multicultural Environment”

Our Partner Companies