Sabine Finzi

Pedagogical Manager & Senior Trainer


Pedagogical Manager for Key Skills, coach, trainer, facilitator


French, English, Italian


  • CHANGE: Facing Change
  • COMM: Oral Communication
  • PEFF: Personal Effectiveness
  • PROB: Analysing and Solving Problems
  • RESI: Developing Your Resilience
  • COLL: Improving Collaboration by Managing Yourself
  • INTER-COMP: Intercultural Competence Building
  • MENT: Working as a Mentor
  • REV-MENT: Reverse Mentoring
  • BIAS: Unconscious Bias

Other Qualification(s):

  • EUSA Accreditation (European School of Administration)
  • Coach Certification (CFIP)
  • MA in Journalism and Communication
  • Other: Project manager, executive coach, organisational development, public speaking