Iulia Grosman

New Technology Coordinator and Trainer


New Technology Coordinator, swiss-army knife, trainer, coach


English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Dutch, Arabic


  • PWBE: Pillars for Emotional Well-being
  • PWBM: Pillars for Mental Well-being
  • PWBP: Pillars for Physical Well-being

Other Qualification(s):

  • EUSA Accreditation (European School of Administration)
  • BA in Sciences of Language (semiotics, accents, prosody)
  • MA in Linguistic Research (radio speech, humorist speech, prosody)
  • PhD in Linguistics (speech processing, ease and disfluencies, prosody)
  • Research & Development (techniques & pedagogics)
  • Elearning & Ebooks Management
  • Graphic Communication, Visual Semiotics
  • Others: Partner Acrobatics, Iyengar Yoga, Bike, Movement, Games (real size, tabletop)