Jean-François Bertholet

General Director & Trainer


Managing Director, coach, trainer, facilitator


English, French


  • COMM: Oral Communication
  • NEGS: Day-To-Day Negotiation
  • PEFF: Personal Effectiveness
  • PWBE: Pillars for Emotional Wellbeing
  • PWBM: Pillars for Mental Wellbeing
  • PWBP: Pillars for Physical Wellbeing
  • TEAM: Working in Teams
  • UOC: Understanding Organisational Culture
  • INTER-COMP: Intercultural Competence Building

Other Qualification(s):

  • EUSA Accreditation (European School of Administration)
  • Master in Political Sciences & International Relations
  • European Studies Certificate
  • Train the Trainer Certificate
  • Consultant in organisations