Diagnose, Prevent, Act and React to a Burn-out

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Bruno Humbeeck presents a conference about the causes, consequences and potential countermeasures to a burn-out.

Burn-out signals a rupture in the process of fulfilment that the subject associates with their work. The process of healing then comes through a return to oneself in order to re-evaluate one’s professional aspirations and one’s limits. During this conference, we will discuss the different forms of burn-out: emotional, identity or motivational burn-out. In doing so we will be able to diagnose them precisely and to set up an effective prevention.



Who is Bruno?

Bruno Humbeeck is an educational psychologist and Doctor of Educational Sciences. Lecturer at the University of Mons and head of the Centre de Ressource éducative pour l’Action Sociale (CREAS), he works on research projects on school-family and society relations within the Centre de Recherche en Inclusion Sociale. An expert in resilience, he is the author of publications on self-esteem, abuse, drug addiction and the care of people experiencing psycho-social breakdown. More information about Bruno’s work can be found here.



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