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Since 2004, AIM & Associés designs, organises and conducts face-to-face and online training courses, coaching sessions, conferences and events for European, national, public & private companies.

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Covid-19 crisis arrives to EU. The Institutions close down.

Feb. 2020

AIM designs and delivers 13 training courses for EPSO Key Skills in record time in order to answer to the new demand of a Survival Kit for Teleworkers in times of confinement. MORE >

In 2019, Presentation of the Green Deal by the new European Commission. That year, U. von der LeyenC. Michel and D. Sassoli are nominated as head of the European Commission, Council & Parliament.

2017 – 2021

AIM facilitates more than 45 training courses for EPSO Key Skills for EU institutions, delegations and agencies — introducing courses such as Facing Change, Critical Thinking and InnovationMORE >

In 2017, Antonio Tajani becomes President of the European Parliament.


Brexit referendum in UK.


AIM codesigns some courses for the Jean Monnet Academy of the European Parliament. MORE >

Italy becomes the last Western European country to legalize same-sex civil unions.
The European Union grants visa-free travel for Georgia and Ukraine.


Sabine Finzi joins AIM Management Team as Pedagogical Manager. MORE >

J.C. JunckerD. Tusk and M. Schultz are nominated as head of the European Commission, European Council and European Parliament.


Anne de Wergifosse & Nicola Di Pirro join AIM Management Team. MORE >

New status reform in the EU.


AIM launches a digital learning platform for EU Staff, with Key Skills Ebooks promoting remote learning. MORE >

In 2012, Martin Schulz becomes President of the European Parliament.

In 2013, Croatia becomes member state of the European Union.

2012 - 2017

AIM designs and deliver 11 training courses for EPSO Key Skills for EU institutions, delegations and agencies — showing institutional culture changes with Pillars of Wellbeing, Developing your Resilience and Facing Change. MORE >


AIM is a contractor for the “Management Trainings for future Managers and Team Leaders” for EUSA. AIM specialises in design and delivery of Understanding Organisational Cultures in the EU. MORE >

In 2010 begins the Migrant crisis in Europe and the Greek debt crisis.


AIM runs the interinstitutional training for newcomers “Working for the EU: Challenges and Realities“. AIM and EU staff cofacilitates trainings together. MORE >


In 2010, Barosso and Van Rompuy are nominated as head of the European Commission, European Council and European Parliament


AIM runs Newcomers Induction training as well as EPSO-Key Skills. Yves Monsel & Jean-François Bertholet design and runs a lot including 3 training courses. Day-to-Day Negotiation, Productive Meetings, Analysing and Problem Solving, Human Relation Training in a multicultural environment courses become officially part of the induction training at the EC. MORE >


In December, the treaty of Lisbon changes the European institutional landscape.

In January, enlargement of the European Union. Bulgaria and Romania become member states of the European Union in the fifth wave of EU enlargement.


AIM creates “Welcome Programmes for New staff for the European Commission, Agencies, EU Offices and EU JRCs. AIM and Commission staff co-facilitate together. AIM trains future internal trainers. MORE >

Creation of the European School of Administration (EUSA).


AIM designs and runs “New inter-institutional training for Newcomers” through the newly founded EUSA. MORE >


On May 1st, enlargement of the EU. Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia become member states of the EU.

The same year, the implementation of the N. Kinnock’s Reform at the Commission  changes the work condition of EC staff.


On March 14th 2004, it is the creation of AIM & Associés SPRL as a legal entity.

In 2002, the new Euro began to circulate.


JF Bertholet, Daniel Haeberlé & Steve Busby design and run the new “Induction Training” for the Newcomers in perspective of the upcoming 2004 enlargement. “Starting Together” – “Working Together” and “Learning Together”.

In 2001, Belgium takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.


Daniel Haeberlé & Jean-François Bertholet design and run the Course “Human Relations in a multicultural environment “at the European Commission. This course will be the cornerstone of AIM foundations.

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